Our values are what make Toffee & Fudge tick, but we didn’t decide on them lightly. Over many cups of tea and carafes of coffee, we brainstormed for hours. We spent far too long obsessed with symmetry and tried to find three one-word descriptors, each beginning with ‘C’, that would encapsulate the vision behind Toffee & Fudge. While the symmetry eluded us (damn you ‘Creative Well’), we did come up with three values that define both Toffee & Fudge and us as writers.


Rich stories aren’t born fully formed. They’re built draft by draft, using the tools and skills you pick up along the way. In deepening your craft, every draft will be closer to that immersive world and story you’ve imagined.


Writing is not a solitary effort—it takes a village. In engaging with other writers and building community, your words come alive in a way you never could have achieved alone.

Creative Well

Writing is about more than just the words on a page. In replenishing your creative energy and inspiration, you’ll be brimming with new ideas the next time you sit down and write.

None of our values exist in a void though. Each one is integral in creating a captivating story. How do you learn how to make readers cry their eyes out during that emotional backstory reveal? Well, you workshop it with your critique partners and revise based on feedback…again, and again, and again. How do you hone your voice and study the perfectly structured sentence? Well, you read those books on your bookshelf that you excitedly bought but still haven’t read yet (yes, this is a call out). So take some help from our hidden fourth value, caffeine, grab a cup of tea, and read though our blog to learn more about how all of these values work together to bring your story to life.