Our Story

University of British Columbia. January 2015. Some cramped classroom in a building that is often used as an evil fortress in many Hollywood films. Enter Carly and Sarah, as strangers. This is where Toffee & Fudge began, even if we didn’t realize it yet.

It’s odd looking back on the pivotal moments in our relationship, both as critique partners and friends.

How, in that first university class, we petitioned the T. A. to let our critique group stay the same instead of switching it up each week. How we met outside of class in a now-closed 24-hour coffee shop (R.I.P. Calhoun’s) for an eight-hour marathon critique session on the first drafts of our first novels (R.I.P. us). How, when Sarah moved to Rwanda for work, we still messaged each other in all caps letters about that week’s episode of Survivor (Millennials vs Gen X was the best season, don’t @ us).

So, when Carly’s roommate moved out and Sarah returned to the land of maple syrup, it was natural for us to make the jump from critique partners to roomies. And after a year of learning each other’s quirks, Saturday writing and critique sessions, and day-long movie marathons when we really should be cleaning the house, it felt natural to make another leap.

Toffee & Fudge was born because we want to keep learning and growing as writers. And we believe that happens through community, through sharing resources and contributing to conversations. So our hope is that Toffee & Fudge will continue to challenge usand you. Because we really are all in this together (Go Wildcats!).

But hang on a second, where did that name even come from? What does Toffee & Fudge have to do with writing? Well, we don’t know about you, but we definitely need a sugar boost when we’re in the middle of writing that battle sceneso Toffee & Fudge has everything to do with writing. But the real story behind the name is a little different. We often joke about how we’re stuck together. Roomies, critique partners, and friends, our lives are pretty entwined. So when we were brainstorming a name (and screech singing I’m Sticking With You every five seconds), we wanted something that represented this. Something sticky and sweet. Hence, Toffee & Fudge. Oh, and if Sarah happened to have two guinea pigs named Toffee and Fudge when she was a kid, well that’s just extra sweet then, isn’t it?

About Carly

As a kid, Carly was convinced she would one day be invited to Hogwarts or stumble upon the Magic Tree House. Still at home in her own imagination, today you’ll find her writing young adult novels or listening to a true crime podcast.

About Sarah

Sarah writes young adult stories with characters who would rather stab something than talk about their feelings. When not writing, she can be found curled up on her couch with a good book and one too many homemade cookies.

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