Writers are kind of weird. We guzzle iced coffee in the winter, spend hours on baby name websites when no one we know is pregnant, have to delete our browser histories after googling “how to dispose of dead bodies?”, and are on so, so many watch lists (waves at FBI agent in our webcams).

So it’s kind of nice when you find someone else who gets it.

Bonding with other writers—whether it be crying over deadlines, finally sharing that pun you’ve been keeping to yourself all week, or lamenting about that one character who just won’t listen—is an important part of the creative process. Fellow writers encourage and inspire us. They offer critique and feedback that helps our work shine. And, perhaps most importantly, they drive us to be better.

This is why ‘connect’ is one of our core values. We believe that finding a group of writers who will both cheer you on and challenge youand maybe even send you a Howler when you’ve spent an hour on Instagram staring at books instead of writing your ownis key to a writer’s success. No matter where you are in the process, whether you’re working on your very first draft or about to publish your thirteenth book to round out your baker’s dozen, you have something to gain by investing in community.

Critique partners can stroll into your life when you least expect it. Maybe you accidentally disrupt a university class with them, spot them reading your favourite book on the train, or even share a virtual coffee with them during #5amwritersclub. If you’re willing to step outside of your comfort zone and bust out your best CP pick-up line (hint: it’s the punny one), you might just find someone who can help plug that plot hole, smooth out your character’s constantly furrowed eyebrow, and focus your next grand ideaoh, and they might also become a friend along the way.

So take a gander through our blog posts, especially those tagged with ‘connect’, and pick up some tips and tricks about how to grow your own community and dive deep with your critique partners.